When it comes to medications for your emotional health, I believe it’s crucial first to ask the questions, “Is medication the best treatment choice?” and “Is now the time for medication?”

As we partner together to understand your mental health needs, we will explore the causes and nature of your symptoms. We’ll also consider additional approaches that may complement medication use or that may even be effective on their own, such as therapy and lifestyle changes.

Some call me a career student, having pursued continuing education through most of my adult life.  I have a passion for understanding the ‘behind the scenes,” not only what is on the surface.  My goals are to pass along some of that knowledge to you, determining the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your medication use once we establish ’if’ now is the proper time.

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I am passionate about partnering with you on your journey toward self-discovery and self-improvement, whatever that may look like.

My background includes almost 20 years in psychiatry with doctoral-level training. When I’m not doing the work I love, I enjoy spending time with my husband, three sons, and our dogs, Frankie and Pickles! You’ll often find us at a football game, on the beach, or traveling to a new destination.