I enjoy connecting with patients and their families to form a therapeutic bond. With ten years of experience in mental health services, I can help you find effective medications and treatment modalities while working through various levels of complex needs. I will emphasize the importance of mindfulness as we take a holistic approach to our work together, navigating how your family, social, and physical experiences influence your emotional health. I enjoy working with clients of any age, recognizing that developmental stages contribute to the changes in our emotional health and will partner with you as you transition from unhealthy thoughts and actions to healthier ones.

I have many hobbies, including hiking, birding, gardening, cooking, and I very much enjoy dogs! I love music, took guitar lessons growing up, and am a classically-trained glass artist. In the Fall, you’ll likely find me attending Fall festivals, haunted houses, and renaissance fairs. During the holidays, my favorite activities include baking Christmas cookies and preparing traditional holiday meals for friends and family.

I look forward to understanding better what you enjoy and how I can support you on your journey toward optimal emotional health!

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